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AI Oriented Command & Control Approach to the Cyberspace Security Adaptable for the 4th Industry Revolution Lee Youngju  2020-01-03 

Thus far, the security in and through the cyberspace has been used the traditional approach of the command and control in each separate stakeholder through hierarchically unitary decision-making rights, tightly constrained interaction and restricted distribution of information. However, not only due to our inevitability to responding to the era of the 4th Industrial revolution (4IR) but also the various separated actors with their different purpose and capabilities in the area of cyberspace, the AI oriented decision making process of the cyberspace security should be essential. The new AI oriented adaptive one should reflect the advanced technology suitable for the 4IR while also reflecting a comprehensive readiness posture, so called the unity of efforts and also to reveal the agility and the speed of action for deciding and acting rapidly more than adversaries. Hence, we should establish the new ecosystem enough to use the capabilities of all related actors in a complex and time critical environment of cyberspace while embracing the capability of the AI.


Due to the rise of cyberspace as a decisive game changer domain, it is essential for the cyberspace security to apply a different dimensional approach of designing and implementing the decision making process and the command and control to fulfill its operational objectives and requirements. The purpose of this issue study is to present an AI oriented command and control approach adaptable for enhancing the capabilities of cyberspace security in alignments with the era of the 4IR. To make the cyberspace security successful, its methodology should be aligned with the current inescapable phenomenon our society has been facing so called the 4IR. We need to establish the system to make all of the related stakeholders to be responsible in a timely for the threats and vulnerability.


In other words, we need the adaptable command and control of the cyberspace security which can make it possible for the stakeholders to be as one to response to the cyber threat in all the levels of layer. The scope of the layers can extend from a nation consisting of the group of civilian, public and military area to those of all over the world. The AI oriented command and control should reflect the 4IR’s astonishing influencing beyond the boundaries of nations and across the political, economical, social, military, and others and it also embraces and fosters the required technologies and attendant issues arising from 4IR. We suggest a number of influential factors to establish the flexible command and control. In addition to that, we evaluate and analyze their relative importance and priority of the various influencing factors whether those factors are suitable for AI oriented implementation strategy for the successful command and control. In this paper, we present the approach to design an AI oriented command and control of the cyberspace security preparing for the 4th Industry Revolution.