We study emerging 4IR technologies and how these are impacting and
transforming the different domains of human life and society.

Our research and collaboration activities are focused on helping the government, industries, and the public to navigate and thrive in the era of the unprecedented digital revolution. We achieve this goal by monitoring the trends of emerging technologies underpinning the 4IR on a real-time basis as well as by pioneering new approaches to policy and governance for the 4IR era. To this end, we aim to continuously engage with key players in academia, civil society, industry, and governments through; academic as well as applied research publications, policy pilot projects, conferences, tech and talk, 4IR Innovation policy forums, and governance platforms. We are convinced that our initiatives can help governments and the industry to promote 4IR innovations and mitigate against the risks that these technologies pose to society.

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  • 4IR: Blockchain

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  • 4IR: Precision Medicine

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