Why we’re here

We aim to understand and shape the technological forces underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to prepare Korea and the world to succeed in the era of unprecedented radical changes.

The Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR) is a team of renowned Professors and Researchers who are collaborating with World Economic Forum (WEF) and other foremost institutions in the domains of digital transformation to pioneer new approaches to technology, policy, and governance for the era of 4IR in Korea.

We believe that the new era calls for open and collaborative approaches to help societies figure out new pertinent questions that emerge with radical digital technologies. Our research and policy pilots in collaboration with Global organizations help the government and industries to cope and thrive in the digital age. Also by sharing the state of the art research, new global best practices, new innovation, and regulatory methods, we enable the Korean government and industries to take the right approaches to stimulate the digital economy and become a role model for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

KPC 4IR is part of KAIST, a University with a long history of leadership in creating Global value for Engineering, Science, and Technology, and KAIST Institute, which is a multi-disciplinary team of World Class Professors and Researchers who are at cutting age in 4IR technologies and research. Together with our Global Partners, we are uniquely positioned to understand and shape emerging technologies and governance of 4IR for a better and inclusive digital Era.

What We Do

Conduct Research

Our team of researchers and partners conduct practical as well as academic research on socioeconomic impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our research and core activities focus is on: monitoring of science and technology trends related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR Long-term foresight on future society and technologies in the age of the disruptive digital innovations, and development of global and local platform for inclusive growth.

Policy Pilots

KPC4IR in partnership with leading organizations such as World Economic Forum (WEF) and Korean Government, co-develops and pilots 4IR policy frameworks and governance protocols.

Leadership Round Table

KPC4IR hosts thought leaders in the domains of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in bi-annual leadership roundtable to share ideas and shape policy and innovation agenda for the new era of digital transformation.

We engage

KPC4IR hosts a National policy dialogue, and policy seminars, through which we engage with lawmakers, researchers, think tanks, and policy makers to discuss on the socioeconomic impacts and risks of emerging technologies. Our efforts aim to shift national policy framework not to just focus on regulation but also promotion.

Our Network

Our primary collaboration is centered on on-going joint projects with the World Economic Forum- Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (WEF-C4IR). We are actively building global collaboration with European Union – Joint Research Center, and World Class Universities in Asia and the US.
We are in the process of strengthening our collaborations with the following organizations


Private Sector Organizations

Our Funding

We are fully funded by Korean Government’s Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT)


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