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Plenary Session on Governance of AI in Korea, Chaired by Prof. Koh Chan Ghee, Director of NUS IPUR


The Korea Policy Center for The Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR) hosted a plenary session on policy for the new era of digital transformation.  The session covered on-going research projects of KPC4IR  on policy research for blockchain and Artificial intelligence among others.


On Blockchain, the plenary session discussed the forthcoming project reports on policy and regulations of blockchain, the status of blockchain standardization and countermeasure strategy, policy strategy for promoting the blockchain industry, and regulatory framework of blockchain in Korea.


In addition, the governance of AI in Korea was covered in parallel sessions- in particular, topics on the status of AI development and policy for promotion and studies on AI Bias, Social Harm, and Emerging Ethical Implications were discussed.


The projects are part of on-going works at the center - aimed at informing public policy and new regulatory approaches for the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea.