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                                                                                                 Prof. So Young Kim, Sandro Rho, Dr. Kibae Kim, and Ms. Sumedha during the panel discussion. KPC4IR


Dec 11, 2019


KPC4IR in collaboration with WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) held a workshop on reimagining Regulations to create pathways for a Blockchain-Ready World.


The workshop which was held at KAIST, Daejeon on Dec 11, convened a select group of experts from the private, public sector and academia to discuss what tools may enable governments to take a more harmonized and forward-looking approaches to blockchain technology.


This workshop was a part of the forthcoming WEF project “Reimagining Regulation: Pathways to a Blockchain-Ready World,” on blockchain aimed at designing and prototyping regulatory frameworks to support responsible domestic deployments of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that anticipate global engagement.