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                                                    Prof. Sung-Chul Shin, President of KAIST, Mr. Sonmez Murat, Managing Director, WEF C4IR (in middle) and  Leaders From Korea Government, Industry and Civil Society


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is no longer the stuff of science fiction and is increasingly becoming a reality- with the on-going advancement and convergence of emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, IoT, and Cloud Computing among others. The impact of these technologies is already being felt across industries and nations. In preparing Korea for this new era, KAIST and WEF co-hosted a Leadership round table in Seoul on mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The forum brought together senior leaders from Korea’s academia, industry and policymakers and senior leaders from the World Economic Forum to discuss the future of jobs and inclusive growth in Korea. 
During the forum, Prof. Sung-Chul Shin, President of KAIST, presented KAIST’s leadership to prepare Korea for the new era. He highlighted KAIST’s role in Korea’s industrial development and collaboration through its long history as an entrepreneurial University for innovation whose Alumni have established global technology companies such as NAVER, NEXON, ELK, and IDIS among others.  
The KAIST Team represented by Prof. Sang Yup Lee and Prof. So Young Kim also highlighted on-going research and development to innovate and become a pioneer university in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
These include innovations in precision medicine, initiatives in blockchain, biotechnology, mobile communication and IoT, robotics, innovations in energy, display, and sensors, artificial intelligence, and network technologies such as 5G and new research initiatives on 6G communication.
Among the key highlights of this high-level, the forum was the recognition that Korea should establish 4IR watchtower for monitoring emerging technologies and predicting their social impacts.
It was envisioned that the center will work towards pioneering new policy approaches which will enable Korea to achieve the double objectives of promoting innovation and inclusive growth in collaboration with international organizations such as the World Economic Forum
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